1. Mind Games

From the recording Round Dance

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Mind Games

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Marta Popovici - vocals
Bogdan Tănase - electric guitar
Adi Stoenescu - Fender Rhodes
Mike Alex - electric bass
Gabi Matei - drums

Music by Bogdan Tănase & Marta Popovici
Lyrics by Marta Popovici
Recording, Mix & Master by Victor Panfilov

Everything is already complete, full of richness and potency. It takes patience and discipline to really tune into the subtlety and grace of everything. The mind can be an obstacle in this endeavour, as it constantly draws our attention to itself, telling us with supreme authority that it possesses all the answers we need. But there is also another source for finding answers to our questions. We just have to listen.


The stillness of the notes until they’re played
The meaning of the world until they’re said
The power of the shapes until they’re made,
Listen. They never fade.

All twisted and confused, I never ask.
I sit here and refuse
The one thing that leads the way.
Sparkles in the dark, echoes of light
Feel so right.

The mind always says that it knows how it goes, it flows, but don’t listen,
I swear it’s just noise.
Expecting to find all the truth left behind, rewind, connecting the dots and align
Looking for a sign.