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Marta Popovici

Tellerlikker Festival , Mr. D.U. Stikkerlaan 251, Winschoten

Marta Popovici

Garana Jazz Festival

Concert at Garana Jazz Festival, one of the oldest jazz festivals in Romania

Marta Popovici & On The Fly

JAZZ™, Timișoara

One of the biggest Jazz festivals in Romania, JazzTM has been bringing onstage since 2013 the most important names of the genre. This year, the festival will be opened with Marta Popovici's performance with On The Fly, a young project started in 2018, growing on the foundation of formal jazz education. Marta is one of the most promising voices of her generation and the project she presents is the fresh and vibrant expression of the young generation, bringing together influences from genres such as soul, R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul, trip-hop and nu jazz.