ebb and flow

"Launched initially as a touring project presenting the jazz-oriented touch on well-known pop repertoires, the band found its identity in blending in the harmonic elegance rooted in the jazz idiom with a detailed, refined, and yet strongly danceable groove. The sophisticated groove of the band persuasively connects to audiences of all backgrounds - whether they are searching for contemplative messages, delicate aesthetics or body-moving grooves - thanks to the richness of the band's musical layers."


"Waking Light is the first album under his own name by Bucharest-based Romanian pianist Adi Stoenescu. Recorded between 4th and 6th of July 2021, it captures the energy and excitement of bringing together musicians from different countries and jazz backgrounds – Romania, Bulgaria and Spain. The group includes saxophonist Arnau Garrofe, drummer Borislav Petrov, and bassist Mihail Ivanov (featuring as well the young and talented singer Marta Popovici on the song Underwater)."

the jam community

A new jazz and performance project brings a new spark to the quarantined cultural Romanian landscape. The artists in the Jam Circle come with fresh air in their lungs and invites everyone to feel the groove of their original music. The project does not benefit only from a spiritual approach, it also points to the beginning of a study process to document and archive the local jazz scene.”

Black Rhino Music


dream house