Welcome to my website! I am Marta and I had my first contact with singing when I was 4 years old. During my childhood, I took part in numerous children's competitions until the age of 11, so I became comfortable with being on stage. I grew up in a non-musical environment, which shaped me and encouraged me to follow other passions as well, such as reading and writing about anything from history to religion, psychology and philosophy. At the end of my high school studies, I decided to follow the path of formal studies in jazz music, at the National University of Music, Bucharest. This study path was continued with a Master's degree at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen, The Netherlands.  

At the moment, my main focus is developing my artistry and finding optimal ways to communicate it to you, so as to facilitate a meaningful experience for every part involved.

I would like my music to encourage everyone to live life with awareness and brave curiosity. I like to be comforted, as well as challenged by art and this is what I would also like to do with my music. This dance keeps me engaged and curious at all times. At the end of the day, music can be a way of achieving a balanced inner life through its cathartic powers.   

My musical influences come from jazz, soul, trip-hop, acid jazz, nu-jazz, alternative R&B, art-rock, art-pop and folk and generally, I am inspired by anything that feels like a beautifully crafted story.

"For Marta Popovici & On The Fly, music means joy; it is one of the ways in which their inner universe is manifest and becomes relevant to our lives. When they play, they turn into a core that radiates and encompasses everyone around, and it is this mutually beneficial meeting that reinforces the strength and emotion on which they rely in their decision to carry on together on this path." - Maria Balabaș


Photo by Ioana-Teodora Raicu