1. Temple

From the recording Round Dance

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Marta Popovici - vocals
Bogdan Tănase - electric guitar
Adi Stoenescu - Fender Rhodes
Mike Alex - electric bass
Gabi Matei - drums

Music and lyrics by Marta Popovici
Recording, Mix & Master by Victor Panfilov

Temple was born in a period in which I was deeply curious about dreams, the unconscious mind and all the potent energy hiding there. The character of the song as well as all the spaces described are part of one dream that I had, that, when I tried to describe, came out in the form of lyrics. I still believe that the oniric world is a very fruitful source of inspiration where we can find characters, situations, questions and answers that inspire our creative processes and enrich our daily lives.

In the light of the recent sad news all over Europe, I thought more of the purpose of art and its role in people's lives. I realized that for me art is a way to remind myself of all the beauty inside of us. Being able to acknowledge the beauty in something exterior to us implies that we already have all of that purity and beauty inside. I think art's purpose should be to encourage us to explore and discover all the hidden potential lying inside of us - that is the place from which we can grow past all the terrible things happening in the world. We have to go back to what is beautiful and pure, nurture it and help each other grow with that.
Temple is the second single off the album.


In a temple for too long
Stood a woman all alone
Frozen through the days and nights
Of all lifetimes’ fears and fights.

She is there waiting for me
To bring life and set her free
Maybe she’s a memory
Of what I could be.

Somewhere behind the layers and beliefs
I found the fountain of it all.

The hidden rooms and corridors
The iron gates, forgotten doors
Wait for the key to bring in light,
To see again the miracle of life.
Somewhere behind the layers and beliefs
I found the fountain of it all.