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Round Dance (Chapter II)

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Marta Popovici - vocals
Bogdan Tănase - electric guitar
Adi Stoenescu - Fender Rhodes
Mike Alex - electric bass
Gabi Matei - drums

Music and lyrics by Marta Popovici
Recording, mix & Master by Victor Panfilov

"...she stepped out. She was taken away from him into the higher realm they were always bearing in their hearts. From up there, she could see his heart clearer than ever, its light travelling all the way up to her. Always.
A powerful bond.
What was happening there? It was not clear for her yet. She just felt at peace. Somehow. She just hoped they will meet again and let go."


Free your union from the body's eyes
Come what may
The water won't change its way
My thoughts have been long forgotten.

I thought I knew what losing means
But I had never lost you
I'm through but my love lives through you
I thought I knew what losing means, I thought I knew

I still see your smiles
From miles above they look like rays of light
So pure and bright your heart is still
And I am still - flowing, quite scared but somehow knowing
Time will find us again.