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Round Dance (Chapter III)

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Marta Popovici - vocals
Bogdan Tănase - electric guitar
Adi Stoenescu - Fender Rhodes
Mike Alex - electric bass
Gabi Matei - drums

Music by Bogdan Tănase & Marta Popovici
Lyrics by Marta Popovici
Recording, Mix & Master by Victor Panfilov

"While she was up there contemplating their love and his presence, he found it hard to keep going. Torment and despair didn't allow him to sleep or to stay awake. It was like a nightmare feeding on all his fears come true, giving birth to hopeless cynism as a way for coping with all the pain."


Shadows of shattered peace
The smell of the night brings me back to you.
What good is sleeping?
Only weeping afraid I’ll degrade
My dreams are there to dazzle me
Out of reality.

I’m guilty, I lost track of my act
I want to fight mortality, but there’s no one to guide me
No one to judge me,
This place is empty.
Who created this comedy?
Sadistic, more like a tragedy
I’m ready to deliver a message that was sent to me
But death pervades my sanity.

Our steps synchronizing
I can still see us walking
Mesmerizing figures locking eyes
We don’t even realize
What you see is what you got
So trust your gut.
I crave rest, but expectations got the best of me
I guess you were right when you were telling me
That everything is as it should be.
But death pervades my sanity.