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Round Dance (Chapter IV)

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Marta Popovici - vocals
Bogdan Tănase - electric guitar
Adi Stoenescu - Fender Rhodes
Mike Alex - electric bass
Gabi Matei - drums

Music by Bogdan Tănase & Marta Popovici
Lyrics by Marta Popovici
Recording, Mix & Master by Victor Panfilov

"Until he surrendered. No more fighting, asking, shouting, revolting. He gave in. And in the end that is what brought them back together."


My love, how I miss you
Even though you’re right here,
Under my skin.

They say, “Till death tear us apart”
But death only brings us back together.”
Like this, all his days have passed.

A sit at the table of uncertainty
The wave is there to catch me,
I’m waiting for my sign
But my head’s underwater
And I don’t have much time.

I am only beginning
Humble, facing my sinning.
The table - a feast of possibilities.
The ritual dance moves the unmovable
What will I remember?
The nurturing breast that feeds our consciousness,
The all-loving womb of endless growth,
The sight of pure happiness
So far from what I used to know.

The middle of it all, so warm
As the earth keeps on spinning
I am only beginning to rise and rise and rise
Is this the end?
No, I am only beginning.
I face the truth with a smile,
‘Shall we?’
And we dance
Holding hands, spiralling,
Bathing in rays of bliss,
A neverending sacred kiss.
Ecstasy, what did I miss?